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Conan Doyle Medical Centre Tel: 0131 666 5160

Portobello Surgery

Tel: 0131 669 8406


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Video consultation waiting room. Only for pre-booked appointments


Dr Genevieve Ann Comiskey  

MBChB BAO DCH DObs MICGP Dublin 1987


Dr Ramon Alexander McDermott   


Dip Occ Med  Dublin 1988


Dr Linda Jennifer Bertram

MBChB MRCGP Edinburgh 1993


Dr Clare Miller    



Dr Lorna Goldring

MA BM Bch MRCGP DRCOG Oxford 2003


Dr Caroline Mains

MBChB MRCGP Edinburgh 2010


Dr Rachel Phillips



Dr Garreth Callaghan

MA (Cantab) MBChB MRCGP Edinburgh 2009


Dr Sarah Bee

MBChB MRCGP Dundee 2009



This practice has reached the required high standard for training general practitioners and other health professionals and we  have qualified doctors training to be a general practitioner and other specialists joining the team.

Meet Our Staff

Portobello Surgery

Branch Manager

Miss Dori Gyulai,  


The practice manager  will be able to help you with any comments you may have on the way the practice is run and will welcome any constructive suggestions in writing to help us maintain and improve our services to you.  His remit is to ensure an efficient and friendly service to the highest possible standard is provided for our patients.


Portobello Surgery


IT Manager

Mr Ian Evans


Reception Manager

Miss Catherine Marshall



Miss Lauren Scott, Receptionist

Mrs Edina Singh, Receptionist

Shauna Hyde, Receptionist

Iman Iqbal, Receptionist

Donna Hamilton, Receptionist





Conan Doyle Medical Centre

Branch Manager

Karen Lee


Karen Lee is responsible for operations at the Conan Doyle Medical Centre - she is happy to hear your comments - both good and bad and her remit is to ensure an efficient and friendly service to the highest possible standard.


Conan Doyle Medical Centre


Mrs Ella O'Malley, Receptionist/Administrator

Miss Cheryl Gardner, Receptionist/Administrator

Mrs Meichelle Sproule, Receptionist/Administrator

Miss Lesley Richardson, Receptionist/Administrator

Practice Nurses

Mary McKenzie

Gillian Simpson

Emma Ward

Dawn Leuchars

Lucie McKintosh


Appointments are available Weekdays 8.30am - 6.00pm  


Our practice nurses are highly trained, specialising in the management of long-term conditions and  run specialist clinics in diabetes, coronary heart disease, respiratory disease and sexual health. In addition they assess and co-ordinate medical or nursing care required after discharge from hospital.

Our nurses carry out regular cervical smears and can assist with contraceptive advice.





Christine Sproull

Meichelle Sproule

Shauna Hyde


Our Phlebotomist holds a clinic most mornings for patients who require blood tests

Pharmacy team

Health board pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are becoming more involved in the care of patients in General Practice. Having the pharmacy team working in our surgery provides valuable medicines support, a close link with our community pharmacy teams and allows our GPs to focus their skills and time where they are most needed for patients who have more complex needs.


Who are our pharmacy team?

The pharmacy team are:


June Edwards    Zainab Hayat


What does the pharmacy team do?

 Provide expertise on day-to-day medicines

 Give advice for patients taking multiple medications

 Carry out medication reviews and other medicines-related support, including discussing side effects

 Give help for patients with their medicines following a stay in hospital, particularly if there has been a change in regimen

 Answer medications and prescription-related questions

 Produce prescriptions

 Support managing patients’ long-term conditions, such as high blood pressure


When you may get an appointment with one of the pharmacy team

Our pharmacists can provide telephone and face-to-face appointments.  The pharmacists, pharmacy technicians or the doctors often review some or all of your medicines and may want to talk with you about the medicines you are currently taking. In the practice we like to review your medicine at least once a year, or more often if needed.


You may have heard people referring to Polypharmacy. It means lots of medicines. A medicine review is particularly useful for people who take a lot of medicines; for these people their medicines review may be called a Polypharmacy Review. Further information is on the NHS Scotland’s website Polypharmacy: Manage medicines or the Managing Multiple Medicines app (available at: Polypharmacy: Manage Medicines)



Information on how you and your doctor (or other healthcare professional) can work together to decide whether you need a medicine and, if so, which to prescribe, can be found in the Healthcare Improvement Scotland publication  Medicines in Scotland: What's the right treatment for me?. This booklet also explains the likely benefits and possible risks of medicines.