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Conan Doyle Medical Centre,

4 Nether Liberton Lane, Edinburgh. EH16 5TY Tel: 0131 666 5160


Portobello Surgery,

265 Portobello High Street,Edinburgh. EH15 2AW    TEL: 0131 669 8406

Good Grief

Edinburgh Carers Support Team will be at Portobello Surgery from  8-45-10:45am on the 2nd Friday of every month commencing Friday 10th February 2017

Confirmed case of measles in Lothian,  please make sure you are up to date with vaccinations including the MMR (measles mumps and rubella) vaccine. This is particularly important for children and young adults.


The Thistle Foundation

 will be at Portobello Surgery the first and third Wednesday of every month from 11am – 12 and Conan Doyle  by appointment

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ENT advice How to syringe your own ears, using a bulb syringe

Walking Aid Self Referral   from 4th January


Target patient group

· Routine patients who require a new walking aid assessment.  


What is not appropriate?

· Patients with complex mobility needs.

· Patients who have had a significant deterioration in their mobility.

· Patients whose main complaint is pain.

This group of patients would require a comprehensive physiotherapy assessment, and should be referred in the usual way through SCI gateway.


What if the patient already has a walking aid but it is faulty or needs replaced?

· If a patient has a walking aid that was provided by The Edinburgh Community Equipment Stores, within the past 3 years; which is now faulty, that patient may contact them directly on

0131 529 6300 to arrange a replacement.


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