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Conan Doyle Medical Centre Tel: 0131 666 5160

Portobello Surgery

Tel: 0131 669 8406


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Video consultation waiting room. Only for pre-booked appointments

The surgery is open from 8.00 am - 6.00 pm  Monday to Friday. Consultations are available throughout the day. We are closed at weekends and most bank Holidays. When we are closed contact NHS 24 on  111.


If you have a serious problem and need advice urgently please tell reception. Times of additional emergency appointments may vary but are generally after the morning and afternoon surgery. You will be offered the next available emergency appointment if you need one. It is not possible to pre-book an emergency time.


We are one of a number of practices in Lothian who are offering GP Surgeries outside normal working hours. The pattern varies a little from week to week, but in general, each week there is one early morning surgery from 7.00 - 8.00 am  


For results please phone after 12 noon

The practice will be closed on the following dates:


In 2023:




NHS24 is the access point for out of hours services in Edinburgh City (www.nhs24.com).


NHS24 is responsible for all calls on weekdays from 6.00pm to 8.00am and at weekends from 6.00pm on Friday to 8.00am on Monday.


During these hours you can telephone directly to 111 for advice and help.


In the event of a life threatening emergency telephone 999.

The practice recognises the importance of medical education both within the team and to those undergoing training programmes. These will be our doctors and primary health care workers of the future. For many years we have been committed to this and have reached and maintained the high standards set down for training practices. We always have a number of qualified doctors working at the practice undergoing further training to be General Practitioners and also other medical specialties. We are grateful to our patients for understanding the importance of and supporting us in this.

Opening Hours
Public Holidays
Out of Hours
Training Practice


Before calling your GP Practice please check if any of these healthcare professionals can help on our attached guide –  here

Vaccinations/immunisations are no longer being done in general practice. Travel – should go to Fitfor travel –   https://www.travax.nhs.uk/news/news-record-page.aspx?id=24206


WGH – https://weare.nhslothian.scot/travelclinics/


All other vaccines being done by HSCP including Covid, flu, pneumococcal, Shingles – appointments will automatically be sent for these when eligible.









An update on our service


Many thanks for your patience and understanding over the past 2 years, it has been a really challenging time for everyone.

Covid has had a profound impact on the way we are able to work and we are trying to provide the best quality service at the surgery for all our patients.   We have had, and continue to have staff members off with covid as the advice from government is for healthcare workers to stay at home to protect patients and colleagues.  As you can imagine, this has a significant impact on workload and appointment waiting times.

There is unprecedented demand for care as a result of the pandemic and in order to meet this as best we can for everyone, we are continuing to operate on a telephone triage basis for now.  Our clinical team are seeing patients face to face if needed but for doctors’ appointments we are offering a telephone appointment first to make sure that care needs are identified as quickly and met as appropriately as possible.  The government still advises physical distancing for healthcare settings which limits the numbers of patients we can have in the surgery at any one time.   The advice is that patients and staff also continue to wear masks unless medically exempt.

Our policy will be reviewed regularly as we navigate our way out of the pandemic and our aim is, as always, to provide the best quality care for all our patients

Thank you for your consideration towards all our exceptionally hard working staff.